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Rotterdam Info: Explore this top 10 Lonely Planet's Best Travel 2016

Each city has an app nowadays. However not always is this app presented by the tourist office, making it difficult for visitors to know if the app contains all valuable information or not. Rotterdam Info has been our client for many years already and we’re very proud to continue this relationship and continue to build great apps with them.

Rotterdam info

Sjauf: Who drives me home?

We all know the feeling; you’re having a great time at an event, dinner or party. And at some point you have to say no to the wine or beers passing by because you have to drive home. Not always easy and when you decide to take a taxi you end up with the next issue: But how do I get my car back tomorrow because I got a ton of other things to do? Sjauf solves this problem for you. Sjauf is your private driver brings you home in your own car. And you don’t have to make reservations in advance, you can also request a driver the same evening. 



Braingineers is a neuromarketing research company. The shift of focus from the conscious will move to the unconscious research. The subconscious will be the most important receiver in the human brain to focus on when creating marketing ads, commercials or websites.


Kiiroo: an Adult Entertainment IoT

Kiirroo is a revolutionary communication platform that enables you to see, hear and feel through video chat. The platform is connected to the Kiiroo devices designed for him and her creating a intimate experience for long distance relationships.


Coca Cola – My Beat Maker

Movement, a London based mobile agency, led the Global mobile strategy for Coca-Cola’s 2012 Olympic Games campaign ‘Move to the Beat’ – a campaign designed to inspire teens around the world to move together to the beat of music and sport during the London 2012 Games.

Coca Cola – app My Beat Maker

Discover Hong Kong with Augmented Reality

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) in conjunction with Cathay Pacific Airways, brings you the DiscoverHK.AR app that’s loaded with features so you can experience everything Hong Kong has to offer.

Discover Hong Kong