The customer journey comes in quite some variations. It has been further developed by short bursts of activity that we’re referring to as “Micro-Moments”. The challenge for every brand, is to be in those Micro Moments, whatever device your customers are on: desktop or mobile. However, we acknowledge these moments are captured on mobile devices more and more, as this device is always within hand reach of the user. Each Micro Moment is a critical opportunity for brands to shape their decisions and preferences. Relevancy now triumphs over brand loyalty as the driver for users’ mobile behavior.

Here at XS2 we discuss at the start of every project how the customer journey for each client can be described. Who is the main target audience? Can we learn from your current website analytics to learn how they use your platform? What is our experience based on similar projects and knowledge? We help our clients to answer these questions in order to develop a web or app platform that adds value during the customer journey. Contact us to help you understand your brand’s micro moments with your customer. And read more about the subject here.

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