About us

XS2 positions itself as a boutique mobile company specialised in IOT and in digital transformation. With a strong pedigree and an appetite for R&D, we strive in developing and testing software solutions for the market. All of it aimed at enhancing work productivity and cost reduction for our clients. XS2 is part of the PQR group, one of the leading IT partners in the Netherlands with a strong focus on digital innovation.

Architects of modern media, engineers of digital transformation.

As all things evolve, so will internet. At the dawn of the third industrial revolution the Internet of things is taking the world by storm. It is expected that 25 billion objects will be connected to the internet by 2020, objects ranging from fridges to running shoes will all be connected. Generating data, creating an immeasurable opportunity for new business models.

Like all revolutions, this one will be disruptive. Businesses will have no choice but to embrace digital transformation

At XS2 we help organisations embrace digital transformation and enable them to keep up to speed with proper strategies and products in order to meet up with market challenges and opportunities.

modern media

From project to product

Success stories and clients such as Coca Cola in the 2012 London Olympics, Cathay Pacific and the Dutch National Railways have been a testimony of our work over the years. These endeavours have brought us to win diverse prizes such as the prestigious Cannes Lions awards.

As a company we are pushing more and more towards delivering turn-key products which enable company to rapidly deploy a digital transformation process.

Our mission is to position ourselves as a preferred “go to partner” for turn-key products, which are fully scalable and can be tailored to fit our clients business models and requirements.


Extended family, bigger opportunities

Since April 2017, XS2 has become part of the PQR group, one of the leading companies in the Netherlands in strategic software consulting and office management solutions.

The strategic merger of our parent company 2ML with PQR has put us in the condition of expanding our services and to roll out our products in a faster and efficient manner.

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